Jerome Avondo

Jerome Avondo

Managing Director

Jerome is a seasoned startup founder and senior executive with over 25+ years of global leadership experience. He has built successful startups, all of which were IC design teams and service companies that catered to worldwide stakeholders and clients. He led and managed the development, growth, expansion, and maturity of each startup, ramping up the headcount and broadening the service portfolio according to the business needs.

Recently, Jerome founded Silicon Verified (SilVer), an IC design services company that works with semiconductor companies specializing in Digital Design and Verification, IC Layout, and Electronic Design Automation. In line with his leadership skills, he is also looking to work with companies that are in need of reinforced organizational structures.

Jerome’s success as a startup founder is a testament to his ability to navigate the complexities of the technology sector and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. His hands-on approach to leadership, coupled with a deep understanding of IC design and global business dynamics, has enabled him to create and sustain successful ventures. As a respected figure in the startup ecosystem, Jerome continues to inspire innovation and excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Jerome’s strategic vision extends beyond initial creation, as he has consistently ramped up headcount and broadened service portfolios in response to the evolving demands of the market and the specific needs of each business.