James Botiquin

James Botiquin

Executive Staff/Senior Design Verification Engineer

James is a SiVer Executive Staff Member and Department Manager with over 18+ years of industry experience, having led and managed team organizations, program operations, and project endeavors. He has led hardware development projects and IP protection endeavors in the past, mainly in the field of Digital Design Verification, specifically for IC/System on Chip (SoC) image processing products and sub-block components.

He has held leadership roles and has been involved in building teams and developing experts within the organization to ramp up quality service and delivery excellence. He is currently the SilVerssc Data Processing Service Program Leader and Department Manager, having started the organization from a team of 5 that has expanded its work portfolio and capability for the 1st 3 years to a team of 45.

Highly praised for his work principles, strategic problem-solving skills, and effective leadership to successfully build and run organizations and deliver projects, he leads the Data Department, fostering Leadership and Management excellence with SilVer’s global partners and clients.

Beyond his technical expertise, James has been a staunch advocate for IP protection, recognizing the critical role it plays in safeguarding the fruits of innovation. His dedication to ensuring the integrity and security of intellectual property underscores his commitment to upholding industry standards and fostering an environment of trust and reliability. With a track record marked by successful project executions and a visionary approach to digital design, James continues to be a driving force in shaping the landscape of Digital Design Verification within the semiconductor industry.