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As a prominent industry leader, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored for businesses of all scales. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse array of data management services, all delivered with unwavering dedication by our team of seasoned experts, aimed at driving your success.



SilVer Support Services began with the vision of creating a managed operations model designed to help your business increase efficiency, improve quality, and lower costs in order to meet your customers’ demands.

We believe that every business can benefit from a Managed Operations specialist, regardless of size. Administrative tasks and managing staff can take hours, distracting you from more value-added activities. We can take those tasks off your hands for a low cost and limited liability. In addition:


Accelerated levels of competition demand that your team be more cost-efficient. Customers are often price-driven and therefore expect more for their money. In response, teams suffer because of failed attempts to produce more while using the same (and sometimes fewer) resources.

data management servers

Data Management

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Data Analytics

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Data Entry


cost savings

The Philippines offers competitive labor costs, allowing businesses to save on operational expenses without compromising quality.

Access to a Skilled Workforce

The country boasts a large pool of highly educated and English-proficient professionals, ensuring top-quality data management services.

timezone advantage

With a time difference that aligns well with Western markets, businesses can enjoy 24/7 operations and faster turnaround times.

Cultural Fit and Communication

The Philippines has a strong cultural affinity with Western countries, resulting in smooth collaboration and effective communication.



At the heart of our organization, our core values serve as our guiding principles. Confidentiality and unwavering commitment to excellence are the cornerstones upon which we build our relationships and conduct our business.


Confidentiality is key.

Our business is built on trust, as we handle confidentiality of personal, work, company, and stakeholder information with the utmost care and respect for the best interests of our clients.


Commitment gives our partnership a strong ethical purpose.

Our employees are world-class professionals who commit to conducting work and business with discipline, respect, and adamant integrity through open and direct communications, diligent and methodical planning, and focused and responsible execution.


Collaboration internally and externally. We create open discussions on how to create better business opportunities.

We firmly believe that success comes from close collaboration and cooperation between peers and stakeholders working for the common good in a safe and secure environment that values and respects diversity of ideas, traits, and talents.


Join us as we enable you to scale your operational demands with manpower that works at your level.

We conduct work and business with empathy and understanding to holistically engage with our customers in a constructive and collaborative approach that ensures quality, speed, agility, cost efficiency, and excellence in every endeavor or delivery.


Controlling your bottom line and optimizing your deliverable workflow are discovered through creation together.

Our work and business environment is built on taking up endeavors with the desire for continuous learning and improvement by fostering a culture characterized by creativity, innovation, critical thinking, risk-taking, challenging the status quo, embracing change, managing transitions, and preparing for the new challenges ahead.



“SILVERSSC has been a great experience. The management and their team members are so engaged and dedicated to their work and enthusiastic about what they do. The ease of communication, focus on quality delivery, and support level driven to exceed expectations make the seemingly impossible possible! Indeed, the Silver organization is a true partner for success!”

Paula J Newman

Former Chief Operating Officer
American Quarter Horse Association

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